Motherhood, pregnancy

Finding out that you’re pregnant

It can be the most daunting thought ever when you think that you may be pregnant, or it could be the most exciting, thrilling thought. Truth is, all feelings are perfectly natural.

There are many symptoms of pregnancy;

  • Food aversions.
  • Mood swings.
  • Abdominal bloating.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Fatigue.
  • Sore breasts.
  • Light bleeding or spotting.
  • Nausea.

To name a few! If you suspect that you may be pregnant then you should take a pregnancy test and/or contact your medical provider.

Pregnancy can be such a stressful time so it’s important to have a good support system, the first people I told were my best friend and partner…I was in denial for a while and was adamant the tests were negative despite being a clear positive, I would take test after test desperately trying to convince myself that I wasn’t pregnant…now this isn’t because I didn’t want to be pregnant but it was because it felt too good to be true, how could I be pregnant? After suffering from a miscarriage in the past and countless gynaecological operations I found myself struggling to believe I was pregnant.

Anyway enough about me, once you inform your medical provider that you’re pregnant there’s a few things you can expect to happen;

  • Your medical provider may refer you to a midwife, they are more likely to be your main contact throught your pregnancy
  • You should expect a scan to determine how far into the pregnancy you are and to determine if it’s a single or multiple pregnancy
  • Blood tests are usually recommended by your midwife to rule out conditions such as group B strep, sickle cell, anemia in pregnancy and in some cases a blood test combined with a 12 week scan can determine chromosome disorders in the pregnancy.
  • Later in the pregnancy your midwife or obstetrician may want to test for gestational diabetes

This may all seem quite much but is all routine and is there to try and protect you and your baby, if you have any concerns you should inform your midwife or medical provider.

Pregnancy is a magical time and finding out that you’re pregnant is the start of your journey with your baby.


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