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So you’re still not happy?

  So previously I put up a post about PND, yet one thing I still find is people are still so judgemental about it. I frequently get asked " oh you're still not happy" or my personal favourite "there's just no pleasing you is there". Though there are some positives, my depression is no longer… Continue reading So you’re still not happy?

mental health, Motherhood

Where it all began…

So this post is beyond personal, but I know there are other mums experiencing the same, I am keeping my name, and everyone who is involved anonymous.   I have been with my partner for 4 years, now initially I like to think I always got on with his parents, but something changed when we… Continue reading Where it all began…

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PND & Me

Okay, so todays blog post is a topic very personal to me, it's also something I feel there isn't enough awareness for. I was diagnosed with post-natal depression 3 weeks after giving birth to my little boy, I remember feeling so dissapointed and repulsed by myself and almost felt as if I wasn't normal...after all… Continue reading PND & Me